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Next Generation 911

To thrive in an NG911 environment, not only do agencies require new technologies, they need an overarching strategic plan, operational processes, governance, policies, training and GIS data. This track will explore these topics and more.


Track Overview

This track will feature best practices designed to accelerate your Next Generation 911 transition and help you thrive beyond deployment. Developing, and bringing your NG911 Strategic Plan to life will be explored. Also discussed will be Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and why it's critical to protecting your NG911 system. MCP subject-matter experts will explore what is required to prepare your Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data for NG911, as well as how governance should be approached in an NG911 world. And, several providers will discuss trends in public safety cloud solutions in a panel moderated by MCP subject-matter experts.


10 am EDT - 10:45 am EDT

Developing, Operationalizing, and Maintaining Your NG911 Strategic Plan

This session will discuss what should be included in your NG911 Strategic Plan, and best practices for how to bring it to life after NG911 deployment. This session will feature two prominent statewide directors to highlight the various areas of success their states have witnessed along the way.


Curtis S. Sutton

Curtis S. Sutton, Executive Director

Tennessee Emergency Communications Board
Karen Ziegler

Karen Ziegler, Public Safety Program Manager

State of Arizona


Jackie Mines 150x150

Jackie Mines

Senior Consultant, MCP
Molly Falls 150x150

Molly Falls

Senior Technology Specialist, MCP

11 am EDT - 11:45 am EDT

Roundtable: Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and 911 - What You Need To Know

This session will investigate the topic of PKI and why it's important to the public safety community. How PKI works will be discussed, as well as how it enables NG911 interoperability. Several PKI subject-matter experts will discuss the PSAP Credentialing Agency and its role in establishing cybersecurity trust in existing environments and how to plan for your integration of the industry's PKI.



Brandon Abley, Director, Technical Issues

NENA: The 9-1-1 Asssociation

Steve McMurrer, ENP, 9-1-1 Systems Administrator

Fairfax County, VA Department of Public Safety Communications

Brent Struthers

Independent Consultant


Dave Sehnert 150x150 New

Dave Sehnert, ENP

Director, Innovation & Integration, MCP

12 pm EDT - 12:30 pm EDT

Prepping Your GIS Data For NG911

This session will touch on GIS's role in NG911 and how local data development is the cornerstone to implementation. The biggest obstacles are not always technical and a path to the successful integration of GIS data will be presented.



David Lucas, ENP, GISP

Consultant, MCP

12:30 pm EDT - 1 pm EDT

Governance in an NG911 World

This session will explore the varying levels of governance needed to support the NG911 transition. Governance is needed at the agency, regional, state and national level in order to ensure NG911 is smoothly implemented and sustainable results are achieved.



Sherri Griffith Powell, ENP

Senior Communications Consultant, MCP

Karyn Henry, J.D.

Communications Consultant, MCP

1 pm EDT - 1:45 pm EDT

Vendor Roundtable: Get Your Heads Into the Clouds

This roundtable discussion will feature several vendors of cloud-based solutions who will discuss their impact on public safety communications. Key trends and factors that organizations should consider in advance of cloud-hosted implementations also will be explored.



Karen Carlson, SaaS Portfolio Manager

Motorola Solutions

Ryan Reynolds, Public Safety Strategy Leader


Jeff Eiden, Head of Crisis Response and Product



Chad Brothers, PMP, ENP

Senior Technology Specialist, MCP