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A Must-Attend Learning Opportunity

Public safety broadband and NG911 are opening up new opportunities for improving emergency response. Agencies must make profound operational changes to take advantage of the new capabilities.

To help agencies prepare, Mission Critical Partners is hosting an Illinois-specific event, the Vision 2020 Summit, an exclusive lunch-and-learn opportunity that brings together leaders within the Illinois public safety community.


Topics for discussion

Next Generation 911 Planning

An update of what's happening at the Illinois state-level for NG911, and what steps agencies should be taking to prepare for NG911 locally or regionally

Cybersecurity Threats

The increasing cybersecurity threat for public safety agencies and how it should evolve your approach to monitoring your networks and applications

The 'New' Emergency Response Ecosystem

A look at the evolved ecosystem, disruptive technologies and how they will break down traditional public safety silos

Staffing and Technology Trends

New and creative ideas for solving staffing shortages, recruiting and retention challenges. CAD technology trends will also be discussed.

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