Download This whitepaper on Considerations for Drones and Public Safety

Public safety agencies across the country are adopting drones at increasing rates to enhance emergency response operations. It is likely that drones will be used by almost every law enforcement agency across the country within the next few years. Drones can be useful for large-area search and rescue efforts, active-shooter incidents, thermal imaging capabilities, SWAT standoffs, crowd monitoring, subdivision addressing for 911, and more.

However, many public safety agencies run into roadblocks in leveraging this technology because public safety use cases generally are not considered in most state legislatures. This whitepaper describes some of these use cases, the potential legal impacts of using drones, and myriad options to consider.

You'll learn:

  • Drone uses cases for public safety
  • Considerations for public safety
  • Ideas for standing up a drone program within an agency
  • Legal and insurance implications

Download this whitepaper to learn more and evolve your public safety operations to prepare for the future of emergency response.