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Mission Critical Partners Acquires  Secure Halo

Expands Portfolio of Cybersecurity Services and Strengthens Expertise and Capabilities

Mission Critical Partners (MCP) has acquired Secure Halo, a leading cybersecurity firm that provides an all-encompassing approach to enterprise risk and cybersecurity for the private and public sectors.

Sensitive and mission-critical federal agencies leverage Secure Halo’s expertise to secure their facilities, operations, and information systems from both hybrid commercial and hostile advanced persistent threats. This acquisition elevates MCP’s cybersecurity capabilities to help mission-critical organizations and public-sector agencies better strengthen their risk posture across their enterprise against the constantly evolving threat landscape.

The Secure Halo™ cyber risk assessment will now provide all MCP clients a 360° view across an organization's enterprise to provide actionable insights on its overall security posture.


“Having advanced insight into vulnerabilities is critically important to mitigate cyber risk across our clients' enterprises. We're excited to integrate Secure Halo’s expertise and be the industry leader providing clients with operational resiliency from evolving cyber risks.”

Darrin Reilly - President and Chief Executive Officer, Mission Critical Partners

By the Numbers

Secure Halo brings an impressive list of credentials to MCP.
Years of experience protecting the intellectual assets and sensitive information of the federal government and private sector.
Awards earned since 2016 recognizing Secure Halo for its innovative approach to enterprise security.
Critical domains in which the Secure Halo™ cyber risk assessment examines security vulnerability as part of its all-encompassing and proactive approach.
Combined cybersecurity professionals upon the acquisition.

About the Acquisition

Cyber 360° View

Cyber threats are always evolving—and cyber risk prevention needs to evolve with it. MCP is proud to announce the Secure Halo™ platform to complement our existing assessment and monitoring services. The platform provides a 360-degree threat assessment of networks and systems.

At the Forefront

Cyber threats traditionally originate at the federal level before working their way down to state and local. Secure Halo’s 15-year history supporting sensitive and mission-critical federal agencies puts MCP at the forefront of cyber strategy to better forecast threats as they shift to other sectors.

Business as Usual

Continuity is key, and that’s exactly what existing Secure Halo clients can expect going forward. Project teams will remain the same with zero interruptions in client service—all while enabling Secure Halo to deliver even more innovative services and capabilities to clients.

Shared Values

Vendor neutrality and a client-first commitment are values that underpin every aspect of what MCP does in order to determine favorable solutions for our clients. Secure Halo also operates under these same mantras in order to help clients achieve their mission.