The potential for social media Data & platform use by psaps

Join MCP LIVE for 60 minutes on Thursday, December 14 at 2:00 PM EST

Mobile data and social media platform use are disrupting emergency operations, but because of the advantages they offer these disruptions need to be embraced. Join MCP subject-matter expert Dave Sehnert and guest presenter Dr. Andrea Tapia of Penn State University for a discussion on the implications social media platforms and data present for PSAP operations and the value they can bring to emergency response communications.

During this webinar, you will gain insight on:

  • The advantages of incorporating social media platforms and data into PSAP operations
  • The challenges presented from a technical and operational standpoint
  • Research being conducted and tools being developed to address barriers to use 

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Hosted by:

Dave_Sehnert.jpgDave Sehnert, ENP, Senior Consultant

Dave has more than ten years of NG911 solution design and implementation experience. He is skilled in developing requirements for NG911 systems, conducting solution assessments, and implementing ESInets. Dave provides clients with expertise in transitioning NG911 plans to real-world implementations. 

 Dr. Andrea Tapia-1.pngDr. Andrea H. Tapia, Associate Professor of Information Sciences and Technology, Penn State University

Dr. Andrea H. Tapia is an Associate Professor of Information Sciences and Technology and the Director of Graduate Programs within the College of Information Sciences and Technology at the Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Tapia’s work contributes to the solution of one of the stickiest problems currently facing emergency response organizations—the organizational inability to take advantage of an abundance of citizen-produced social media data. Dr. Tapia’s research has directly contributed to the policy-making bodies of the United Nations, the U.S. Obama Administration and the largest international relief and development organizations.  Dr. Tapia is the Director of the Center for Crisis, Community and Civic (3C) Informatics (Center). The Center has secured slightly more than 4 million dollars in funding, primarily from the U.S. National Science Foundation in the form of research grants. The Center guides and educates graduate students and has produced 22 new PhDs and 7 MS students. The undergraduate program educates 75 senior students each academic year through its Crisis Informatics and Security and Risk Analysis Programs. Lastly, Dr. Tapia and her Center have published or presented more than 160 articles and presentations in academic and practitioner venues.